Investor Relations

Investment History

  • US$ 14M invested by Private Investors from 2012 (founders and VCs)
  • US$ 5M invested by CSO and Innovation Authorities (Non dilutive Grants).
  • In 2019 Max Herzberg and Yochai Richter acquired all shares of the VC group as a Management buy out
  • From 2019 the Company is funded by them on a need to spend basis
  • Going to Public Market and GEM for further major funding (Phase 2 and 3 for previous project and present application)
  • Main Shareholders committed to complementary funding if necessary.
  • Funding application to Horizon (EEC) : first application submitted on NMSC Phase 3 for VDA1102.

Vidac Pharma Holding PLC

Dr. Max Herzberg
      20-22 Wenlock Road
      London N1 7GU
      United Kingdom
+972 (0)779300647
LEI: 875500BCH1T6XX5EUG13
Total number of issued shares is 51,625,062

Financial Statements

31 December 2021 Financial Statement


6 month financial statements 2022


Financial Calendar

Upcoming Events Date
6 month unaudited financial statements of 2023 30 September 2023
audited annual financial statements of 2022 30 June 2023


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