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The biopharmaceutical company Vidac Pharma (WKN: A3DTUQ | ISIN: GB00BM9XQ619 | Ticker symbol: T9G), which is based in Israel and the UK, received notification of approval for its drug candidate VDA-1275 from the Japanese Patent Office at the end of March 2024. This has already shown several promising effects in the preclinical phase and has been used against cancer cells. The new molecule used in VDA-1275 has shown direct efficacy in a large number of tumors in animal experiments. Strong synergy effects were also demonstrated when the active ingredient was combined with two widely used chemotherapeutic agents on human liver cells grown in the laboratory.

As early as February 2024, Vidac Pharma was able to statistically significantly extend survival time in a colorectal cancer model in mice compared to the chemotherapeutic Opdivo (nivolumab) from Bristol-Myers Squibb (WKN: 850501 | ISIN: US1101221083 | ticker symbol: BRM). In a model of human liver cancer cells, the use of VDA-1275 in the laboratory reduced the administration of the cell growth inhibitors sorafenib and cisplatin while still reducing IC50 cancer cell viability by 50% and 95%, respectively. After evaluating these findings with other experts, clinical tests will have to follow, as the initial results look promising.