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Rehovot, Israel Sept 13, 2021

Vidac Pharma Ltd. announces that it was granted a USA Patent for a new chemical family of compounds targeting the HK2-VDAC system developed by the company. The new compounds are hydrophilic and were developed to fit systemic use such as IV, IM and/or Per-Os use. “This is opening the way to explore possible treatment of solid tumors overexpressing HK2 such as Prostate, Pancreas and other critical Oncological conditions” said Dr Max Herzberg, Chairman of Vidac Pharma “We are now going to fully develop this new product with the aim of a first in man end of 2022”. The new Chemical entities covered by the US Patent have no relation with the VDA 1102 a Clinical stage proprietary molecule currently under Phase 2 for both Actinic Keratosis and Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma while working through the same mechanism i.e detachment of HK2 from the VDAC channel in Mitochondria thus stopping the hyper glycolysis characterizing Cancer (Warburg effect) and promoting immunological response of the tumor microenvironment. In view of the novelty of these new chemical entities and their possible use to fight cancer the Company is optimist in receiving worldwide coverage.

About Vidac:

Vidac Pharma was founded in Israel in 2012 by Dr Max Herzberg and aims to develop anti-cancer drugs based on restoring normal cellular metabolism. Cancer cells are characterized by a high rate of glycolysis and by suppressed apoptosis (programmed death) both of which favorizes high cellular reproduction and Tumor formation.  Vidac’s platform technology restores normal glycolysis and triggers apoptosis in these malignant cells. As normal cells are not subject to overexpression of HK2 they are not affected by Vidac’s drugs. Vidac’s lead drug, VDA-1102, has successfully completed a Phase 2b clinical trial in actinic keratosis (AK) under an IND from the FDA and is presently in a Phase 2a clinical trial in CTCL in Israel. The company’s strategic intellectual property portfolio covers broadly its general approach using the TopostericTM effect avoiding enzymatic cell mis-location.

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Max Herzberg, PhD. Active Chairman of the Board