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London (UK), Rehovot (IL), Paris (FR) August 30h, 2023 

Vidac Pharma Holdings Plc. (SYM: T9G; ISIN: GB00BM9XQ619; WKN: A3DTUQ).

Under the Organization of Dr Alain Herrera previously head of the Oncology Franchise at Sanofi around the new paradigm for drug discovery proposed by Vidac Pharma, the Company is happy to announce it succeeded in bringing to this Roundtable the participation of world specialists. Prof Wolfgang Link from the Spain CSIC and Cofounder of Refoxy Pharmaceuticals, Berlin, is a world specialist on Protein mislocation and will show the pivotal role of mis localization of subcellular proteins in pathogenesis of numerous human diseases. Dr Lyora Aharonov from EMRIS and Dr Sharon Merims from Hadassah Hospital & Medical School in Israel will describe prevention of Skin Toxicities induced by EGFR inhibitors used in Cancer treatment by locally blocking the drug-receptor interaction. Dr Laetitia Linares, Director of Research at the French INSERM, will show the passage from discovery of Chromatinian MDM2 to the development of breakthrough anticancer Therapy.

The Moderator of this Round table, Prof Max Herzberg, Chairman of Vidac Pharma Holding (UK and Israel) and inventor of the “Toposteric” word and paradigm will show the Clinical efficacy of the Company Drug products and candidates in both Carcinoma and Lymphoma Cancer and the potential of new molecules for treatment of solid tumors in the Company pipeline. It is expected that many Pharma and Pharma specialized funds might attend the gathering, a two roundtables session around new approach to Cancer.

Rehovot (Israel), London (UK) and Paris (FR)

About Vidac Pharma: Vidac Pharma Holdings Plc. London, is the holding company of Vidac Pharma Ltd. Rehovot. The Company is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering and developing First-in-class medicines to help people suffering from a range of oncologic and dermatologic diseases. 


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